Here you'll find photos and notes on our current two deconstruction projects in Ferndale, WA and Custer, WA. Learn about our process, the history of the barns, and all about the labor of love we call deconstruction!

Micah and Mick on the Roof of the 1905 Larson Barn, removing the metal sheets

Micah and Mick taking down roofing panels from the peak of the 1905 Larson barn. You can see through to the inside in the bottom left... we always dismantle from the inside out.

Removing Metal roofing- Larson Barn

Micah and Lauren, on the peak of the Larson Barn in Ferndale, with hammers and cat's paws, removing nails to take off the 21' corrugated roofing panels. 

Larson Barn, Ferndale, WA

Lauren with her Hammer and Cat's paw, getting on the roof of the Larson Barn to remove roofing panels. 

Larson Barn, pre-deconstruction

Photo of Larson barn from SE back corner. It is a broken-gable with a hip-on-the-side style Heritage barn, built in 1905 (Main Barn, in the center) on a Hand-Hewn Round Timber Foundation, with an original cedar shingle roof. It was updated circa 1925-1920, when the broken gable bays and rear hip were added, as well as the stanchions and south and west hay lofts. Cement pads and Footings were poured as the foundations for these new areas. The barn grew from 50' x 25' to 75' x 70'.  2x4's were laid directly over the cedar shingle roof and the corrugated steel panels were added during the update as well, preserving the barn perfectly, and leaving still decent old-growth cedar shingles underneath, seen below. 

22' long corrugated steel roofing panels, down from the south hip of the Larson Barn.

roofing panels coming down

Micah on the roof (South hip), removing panels with perfect rustic patina!

Front side of Larson barn, after clearing ALL the blackberry bushes

Micah in the front of the Larson barn, just after we spent a 1/2 week clearing the massive blackberry bushes & other brush that surrounded the barn. 


Micah and Lauren on the peak of the Larson Barn, with Canada seen in the distance. 


This is the Donahue Barn in Ellensburg, WA. We have made an agreement with the owner of it to dismantle it as soon as possible, so Micah and I we will be making a 5-7 day trip to Ellensburg very soon with an 18' flatbed trailer, our work van with a large utility trailer, and our tools! It is an idyllic site, and cattle wander right next to the land the barn sits on. It was built in the 1890's, and as you can see, the strong Ellensburg winds (especially in the middle of a huge valley) have already taken down one side of the barn, although much of the wood from the collapse is still very salvageable! The barn wood from this area is nice and dry, with little to no rot or insect damage, and can have the classic weathered gray coloring that is so sought after.

The inside of the Original Larson Barn, with a brace frame made from an assortment of old-growth Douglas Fir beams, timbers and dimensional lumber.

Micah unveiling the first of the flooring in the Larson Main Barn's floor. 


More photos to come!

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