Eden Farms Update 4/26/2020

It's the last week of the Eden Farms project.... and barns are down. We're prying up the last of the 2nd story 1x4 floor tonight, and dismantling huge chunks of wall on the ground all around, loading into the huge truck and moving to Ferndale to clean.


Eden Farms deconstruction

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  • Hello ! My name is Jim ,Deaf senior citizen is interesting reclaimed materials and planning built rustic small cabin at Lummi island … I would like to visit your yard soon as possible in June … I noticed red barn board sidings look nice… I have not decided what size of cabin will be ? 18×24 ft plus 8 ft shed, heigh 18 tall and dormer. Package shell …we will discuss about prices and make plans . Thanks . Jim

    James B Roth

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