Olson Barn Deconstruction Update: Telehandler for a week means PROGRESS


(View From NE Corner)

(NE Corner Facing West)

(NE Corner Facing NW)

Micah in the from of the barn, the front of which has been mostly removed.

Micah with a view of the Olson Barn from the NW.

View of the Barn from the NW fields.

View from the SE Corner of the barn/driveway.

1,054 square foot order of 1x4 Reclaimed Old-Growth Tongue and Groove, Ready for Pickup!

View from the S to the W of the Barn: Beautiful Reclaimed OG Doug Fir 2x12's, flooring cutoffs.

Looking SW From the NE corner of the barn.

Looking W from NE Corner of barn, before we drive the reach forklift in, after we weed-whacked.

Piles made from clearing out the TALL grass around the barn: Burn, Resaw, Misc.

Andrew and Micah in the bucket, carefully removing 1x12 boards and 1x4 battens.

Andrew and Micah in the bucket, preparing for roof removal.

Starting on the East Hip Roof, first section down. View from the cab.

View from the cab: first roof section on the ground.

Reach-Forklift Operating Selfie

East Hip Roof Removal: Section 2 down.

Micah on the East Hip Roof, Strapping sections and then cutting them out.

East hip roof removal: View from the cab, holding section up with strap as Micah cuts it out with the chainsaw.

Securing sections of roof with the fork as Micah cuts.


Micah attaching the strap to the snatch block.

Beautiful 1x12 siding and 2x6 rafters coming down in lengths!

Our disorganization of Inventory during Forklift week!

SW Corner of Barn

View under remaining South loft floor. beautiful OG Doug Fir shiplap whitewashed. 


Inside the SW corner of the barn: stanchions are still standing, see joists lifting as rafters lift, with the weight of the south hip roof shifting to the south exterior wall.

View Of inside the barn, under where the West Hay Loft used to be, Looking North out the front. Timber frame, hand-hewn, foundation.

Looking South out the back of the barn from the West Side.

Looking at the NE corner of the barn from inside, after East hip's roof was removed.

Looking East from inside of the barn: the East roof is GONE!

View of SE interior corner of barn after S and E Hip Roof Removal.

Looking NW out the Front of the Barn. 

Just inside the East Wall after East hip roof removal, looking SW.

On the back (South) End of the barn, Micah is cutting off the peak so I can lift it off with the fork.

Me moving Micah down to cut different areas of the peak.

Looking North while Standing in the East Hip of the barn, post-roof removal.

Micah cutting away at the peak.

Close up of Micah cutting away the south peak.

How to re-use PILES of 120 year old dry Cedar shakes: Bundle and Sell for Kindling to local campers!

View of Barn from NW Corner.

The hay rail: our arch nemesis, today.

View of the rafters, our most Valuable material to salvage carefully!

Front of barn.

See the hand Hewn Timber Foundation. These had a double layer of old-growth 2x12's laid down as flooring.

Interior of East Hip from the NE, before Roof Removal 

After removing the very first section of roof from the South Hip.


South hip Roof removal

South hip roof removal

Micah's salvaging 1x6 true doug fir skip sheathing from South hip roof sections.

South Hip Roof, Removed.

Micah Cutting at a section of the Front (North) Peak of the barn roof. Already removed is the peak and a left section.

The East side of the peak looking a little less than happy,

Micah in the bucket, cutting at the roof with the chainsaw.

Forklift holding Micah to the Roof's Peak to Cut sections out.

View of Front East side of barn.

East Bat's roof sections, lowered and stacked carefully to be dismantled on the ground.

Micah still cutting on West side of the main peak.

View of Micah in bucket from NE Corner of barn.

Piles made after roof sections are dismantled: 2x4's laid over cedar shakes (for metal roofing), cedar shakes (to be split and bundled into the BEST kindling), 1x6 skip sheathing and 2x6 rafters.

View of NE corner of Barn

Inside View of main barn from NE corner, post-roof removal

Roof Debris from peak removal.

Big huge tire marks in the mud at front of barn. 

Micah cutting at the west peak roof from the bucket.

Cutting at the West Peak Roof from the bucket.

Closer than I Appear

View from the cab is goood.

Lowering Micah back down from the West Peak Roof.

Micah Re-positioned on the West peak roof, cutting sections for removal.

Our week's beast of a reach forklift.

Forklift with beautiful Sunset behind it.

Micah's still cutting at sunset!

A Sunset roof removal.

Sunset Roof Removal

Today, Sunday, June 21, the rest of the roof and hopefully, some of the timbers in the foundation will be removed. Tomorrow the sweet machine leaves us. I've really grown an affinity for this piece of Equipment, and am grateful to Greg at Brim Rentals in Lynden for giving us a great deal on an excellent piece of equipment. I can't wait for the next one!


Stay tuned for more photos, videos and DRONE footage of the South peak removal!



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