Summertime: so much demand for services, not enough of us!

I always forget how overwhelming summertime can be, but I'm getting better at it! As off today we are scheduled out until about mid-November, with all different kinds of projects!  Including but not limited to: a residential decon, two large barns, a schoolhouse, and a granary in eastern Washington, and six weeks scheduled just for restoration work at our favorite friend/client's farm! 

Micah and I struggle with our desire to keep our operation small and basically just us, but can't help but wish we could find a helper or two who shared our same passion. We never wanted to oversee employees, have payroll, etc! But being the "two-man show" that we are, doing all deconstruction work, processing all materials and assembling all orders ourselves, plus marketing, selling, and managing our inventory ourselves is a delicate balance that we know has a value to it that would be lost if we were to bring anyone else in the mix!

Our clients, 80% of whom return to us for more, appreciate the personal attention and simplicity of our operation: plus, it's 100% transparent. Our standards of quality are guaranteed to be upheld since our hands control every element of reclaiming our wood, and maybe that control and feeling if surety is worth never, ever having a day off, and forever having weeks upon weeks of work we could do should we find ourselves without a project (ha!). 

I guess the conclusion is that we accept our limitations, and yeah, we work ourselves too hard sometimes but only because we want to. And our clients, they actually understand! They appreciate that we take the time to ensure they get the highest quality product we can deliver, and that we are up front about our limitations and obligations! 

Also coming up soon: we'll be giving the storefront of Circle A Trailers on the Guide a fantastic face lift! Restoring and spiffing up the sliding doors, building a new frame for the sign, adding Barnwood trim all around, and replacing the old light fixture with a new, gooseneck barn light fixture! We love Dee Dee and Norm so much, we're ecstatic to be able to help them give their business a fresh, exciting new look! 


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