Collection: Authentic Reclaimed PNW Barn Wood Wall Cladding and Paneling Products - easy to install!

Are you shopping around for your Reclaimed Barn wood wall panels? That's smart, but we DARE TO COMPARE! When looking at Reclaimed Barn Wood Paneling from other sources, here are some important questions to ask, such as are the wood planks….

  • Authentic Old Growth Reclaimed Wood from Real, documented Barns?
  • Salvaged by hand deconstruction, the only form of demolition that saves the most materials for reuse?
  • Made from Reclaimed Old Growth Cedar and Douglas Fir milled 100+ years ago for barn construction?
  • Back-Planed, Edges straight-ripped and Ends cut square for Uniformity and Easy Install?
  • Gently Hand Cleaned, Brushed and Denailed?
  • Tallied, Hand-chosen for aesthetic quality, and boxed/shipped?
  • Offered with free local pickup/Cash Discounts?
  • Inspected for Lead-Based Paint?
  • Offered with a skip sanded, authentic and natural face patina, preserving the barn's true history?
  • Resistant to Warping and Cupping, and easily installed using basic tools/materials?
  • Able to withstand Exterior Applications?


Our products offer VALUE not seen when compared to Other "like" products. And WE LOVE THE PNW, and believe our beautiful reclaimed wood accents the best at home, which is why we offer FREE LOCAL pickup with a CASH DISCOUNT! #BuyLocal


Compare our thicker planks (which resist warping and cupping) against others and you’ll see the exceptional value, authenticity, and enduring quality.

Installation is a snap and can be done with a construction adhesive and small brad nail gun (either or both). We don't recommend or provide adhesive tape regardless of the tape's warranty and ease. Your home is an investment and when you make the move to upgrade a room with our reclaimed wall paneling, it should be done to last. Using a peel and stick application is convenient, but not the best.

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