Collection: Custom Reclaimed Circular-Sawn Old-Growth Douglas Fir Wide Plank Flooring

Locally Re-sawn from true, circular-sawn 2" x 6" Barn wood reclaimed from the joists and rafters of a 1905 PNW Washington Barn, our beautiful post-consumer reclaimed Douglas Fir flooring planks are an Authentically rustic, Environmentally Responsible, Incredibly durable, and affordable addition to your home or business. 

What sets our flooring apart from the rest?

First of all, our flooring is made to retain its AUTHENTIC antique circular-sawn face, unlike nearly ALL others out there, which are made by re-manufacturers who re-mill and/or sand + grind to imitate the authenticity of a turn-of-the century's sawmill's circular-saw kerf's texture. The result of this imitation is a pattern that is too consistent and always looks reproduced.

Secondly, it's rare to have the opportunity to buy something as custom and permanent for your home that has been sourced AND made from local, PNW reclaimed barn wood, not to mention out of such a desirable & superior, high- quality material!

Third, Our sustainable flooring sets the standard for environmental responsibility, affordability, as well as gorgeous, rustic and character-filled style. This RARE custom flooring is something you can truly feel good about, as post-consumer reclaimed wood is the most sustainable reclaimed wood available! Preserving our precious resources of this particular species is vital, since old-growth Douglas fir is highly sought out and waning in availability, and can no longer be harvested.

Lastly, we offer the reliability of a larger operation, none of the BS when ordering online (without having to pay for all of it up front!), AND, we will work with you the entire way to make sure you're happy! It's truly an experience to be involved in the creation of your custom flooring!
Not to mention, buying product directly from the deconstruction crew that handled the dismantling of the barn is by FAR the most environmentally responsible option for purchasing any reclaimed wood product... there are no large semi trucks transporting the boards from here to there, no big warehouses and a bunch of workers "filling orders". You get to meet us, see the source of your wood, and have confidence that our hands are in every phase of creating your custom flooring.

For a competitive & affordable price,from PNW Barnwood Supply, you truly get the ultimate in care and customization.

The density and strength of reclaimed, old growth Douglas fir is unparalleled. The natural, rustic finish of the circular sawn, skip-sanded face makes the inevitable scratch, ding or dent virtually disappear, a must for homes with active children and/or pets.

All boards are hand-cleaned, de-nailed, ends cut square, and edges ripped straight.
We skip-sand the original, authentic circular-sawn face and hand-select the planks in each box.

At 3/4" full thickness, our reclaimed Douglas fir flooring can be easily refinished numerous times, and if maintained correctly, will last the lifetime of your home.
Additionally, flooring re-manufactured from reclaimed wood is the only type of wood flooring that can be installed over radiant heat.

Available in 25 sq ft boxes with varied lengths 4'-10' (unless requested otherwise), and locally custom-milled to order, straight from our barn deconstruction site. We hand-tally, stack and bundle each plank in every order, and you'll receive an inventory list for each box.

We have a Minimum order of 250 square feet. If you need help calculating how much flooring to order, please contact us and we'll help, every step of the way!

**All Wood Materials are FSC Certified 100% Recycled**

To place your order, we simply ask for a 50% deposit, with the rest payable upon pickup/delivery.

Lead times will vary based on the size of your order, lengths requested, and other factors; they should vary from 4-7 weeks.

Delivery in WA State and professional consultation & installation also available.
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