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Our Stock of Reclaimed PNW tongue and groove and Shiplap Barn Wood is incredibly unique and always changing! 

noun: shiplap
  1. boards which have been shiplapped, typically used for cladding.
    • a joint between boards made by halving.
      plural noun: shiplaps
      "a shiplap joint"
      As you can imagine, salvaging this type of board can be difficult, and sometimes downright frustrating! However, with the right pry bars, patience, and a hell of a lot of finesse, Our Shiplapped Barn boards come up relatively unharmed by the deconstruction process. Often it involves the "two pry bar" method, which, well, is exactly as it sounds! 
      Shiplap can be found in many different areas of a barn, and often in many different sizes. Some shiplap will have visible circular saw kerf marks from turn-of-the-century sawmills, and most will be at least 3/4" thick, and were used as loft flooring, granary walls, even as siding! 
      Shiplap is now very trendy as an interior accent / wall and ceiling cladding, and it's easy to see why! You can choose to add a small gap when you're installing, or you can fit the boards nice and tightly together. Shiplap looks amazing under exposed beams, painted white, or with a simple, natural finish. It's incredibly versatile, and can be used in so many ways!
      Since our Reclaimed Barn Shiplap boards are made from Old-Growth Douglas fir and Old-Growth Cedar, their strength, durability and versatility is unmatched! Specifically, our 1"x8" shiplap boards, salvaged from a 1905 heritage barn in Ferndale, WA, were originally used as flooring in HUGE hay lofts, set above True 2"x6" joists that were 24" on center, roughly. Not only did the farming family protect the tops of the wood with large, 100lb burlap sacks laid flat under the hay, but the bottoms of the boards, visible from underneath the lofts, were protected beautifully by a THICK coating of whitewash, so when cleaned, the gorgeous color of the Douglas Fir shines through, with light joist marks adding character and true reclaimed history. 
      There are other, more decorative forms of specialty shiplap that we do come across once in a while. 
      No matter what style you choose, you'll adore the Rustic touch you bring to any area of your home or business by using our incredibly sustainable, post-consumer reclaimed old-growth shiplap!
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  • Reclaimed 1x8 Shiplap Barn wood, Old-Growth Douglas Fir, Sourced from 1905 WA Heritage barn
    Reclaimed 1x8 Shiplap Barn wood, Old-Growth Douglas Fir, Sourced from 1905 WA Heritage barn
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