About us

Hi! We are Lauren & Micah Rogers, the owners/operators of Deconstruction & Salvage, LLC, a small business based in Ferndale, WA. 

We are licensed, insured and bonded Demolition Specialty Contractors, and we specialize in providing hand-deconstruction services for historical barns and other agricultural, residential, or commercial structures in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest. Also, with our sister operation, PNW Barnwood Supply, we offer reclaimed barn wood sales as well as custom re-manufacturing of value-added products such as Reclaimed Circular-Sawn Old growth Douglas Fir Flooring and Reclaimed Barn Wood wall paneling and Trim.

Our full operation includes the acquisition, careful dismantling, and salvaging of pre-1940s barns (and other structures). We save all materials possible for re-use, and prepare them for sale by hand-cleaning and careful inspection, re-manufacturing and processing all of our reclaimed wood products all locally NW Washington State, at the foot of gorgeous Mount Baker.

We often invite locals who would like to come see and pre-order their PNW reclaimed barn wood, before it's even pulled, to our working barn deconstruction sites. We have found that our clients really enjoy and value the experience of seeing the barn that their product is coming from, and clients all across WA State and from Canada have traveled to visit our sites! Truly, offering this experience is what sets us apart, in a big way!

The natural patinas found on reclaimed barn wood from this area are so unique in their coloring and beauty, they genuinely carry the distinct feeling of being in the incredible Pacific Northwest.

Our passion for providing Barn Deconstruction & Salvage Services in Whatcom and Skagit Counties was born from our realization and excitement about the overwhelmingly positive environmental impact of deconstruction vs. traditional demolition, plus the positive local economic impact of choosing PNW reclaimed wood for your remodeling or building project. As the years went by, we have recognized and truly appreciate the value and beauty of this historical, incredible and rare building material, and truly seek to help conserve our precious resources of Pacific Northwest Old-growth, Local Douglas Fir and Cedar lumber, milled over a century ago!

Together as a couple and team, we have been hand-deconstructing barns and other structures for salvage locally for 7+ years. We've been married for 4 years, together for 9.5, and are in our mid-thirties.

I (Lauren) have a a strong artistic background and love to experiment with all mediums, but woodworking has become my true joy, while Micah's artistic and creative mind and background in many areas of the construction field lent us all the knowledge and motivation we needed to get started! We are truly a pair of problem-solvers at heart, and we can't seem to resist a challenge. Our shared passion for re-using discarded materials, woodworking, re-purposing, and upcycling started us on this path, and there's no going back!

Now we are bringing this gorgeous Pacific Northwest reclaimed barn wood to the masses, offering a superior product line of reclaimed antique barn wood products. Our collections and offerings will grow and evolve often, and it's clear to see that the Quality Assurance we provide comes from us directly having our hands in all phases of every process we complete, whether it be deconstruction or production of easy-to-use and practical reclaimed wall panels of the highest quality.

Every new project brings new & exciting inventory, and our reclaimed barn wood products all come with a documented history of the barn it originated from. We believe in preserving this amazing, incredibly durable and sustainable natural resource, and provide our customers with a sense of environmental responsibility as well as an unmatched, authentic rustic style with the highest quality materials. We don’t limit ourselves to reclaimed barn wood, either: we also offer desirable, salvaged barn/farm finds like rustic metal hardware and antique equipment and materials.

We work closely with only a select few associates and partnerships, to ensure that our standards for excellence in quality and value will always be met.

Lauren, Micah
Lauren & Micah taking down Metal Roofing.
(photo courtesy of Dan Burton, 2019)
Deconstruction & Salvage, LLC, and PNW Barnwood Supply carries a range of FSC® certified products!
FSC® C041262.