Client Projects

Client projects! 

We LOVE it when our clients share their photos of their projects with us! It's amazing to see what people do with the wood we salvage!  

This amazing shelving system was created by our new neighbor, Doug at Plank & Grain, an amazing business building incredible pieces! We were honored to provide the beautiful reclaimed wood for this project! 


A BEAUTIFUL accent wall created by one of our clients out of old-growth Douglas fir 1x4 tongue and groove!

Beautiful reclaimed 1x8 shiplap siding- using the purlin boards from the Brown Rd. Chicken Coop. At a home in Snohomish.

Super-Awesome fence made from our reclaimed corrugated metal roofing!

Our gorgeous wood in Bellevue Square City Sweats Spa!

 Incredible ceiling created by Corry Morris ( at a Spanish-Style estate in Kenmore. Used a mix of our 1x4 and 1x6 t&g barn loft flooring, and our 1x12 barn siding boards to wrap the beams. LOVE it!

Gorgeous furniture created from our 1x4 t&g loft flooring, planed, with custom welded accents. Absolutely lovely! '


An AMAZING patio project made using some of our true 2x6 boards from Olson Rd, and our reclaimed metal roofing!


Shiplap exterior

 Here is an exterior application of our 8 3/4" face shiplap, Installed by a client who invests and flips homes. 1x6 Island bar

 1x6 kitchen island bar

Here you see the results from a client who took our rough- cut, 1x6 purlin boards from the Olson barn, and used them to accent his kitchen island, looking particularly amazing with the granite waterfall counter!

Seattle conference table

This is an incredible set of large conference tables and desks, built by a very talented pair, using our reclaimed old-growth Douglas Fir 2x12s. These all grace the office space in the old Rainier building in Seattle! 

A favorite client, Randy, created these gorgeous doors using our true 2x6 rafter boards from the Olson barn! The grain pattern is unmistakable. His client was so pleased,  she called them "works of art". She wasn't wrong!! 

Here you see an AMAZING project competed by a client,  using our weathered Red dutch lap siding, salvaged from Eden Farms in Snohomish! Love it!