Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of materials do you sell? 

We sell old-growth, reclaimed lumber and barn boards of the highest quality, that we salvage from barn deconstruction projects. They are almost exclusively old-growth Pacific Northwest Cedar and Douglas fir, although there are few exceptions. We have the distinct pleasure of deconstructing barns in our beautiful region, so all of our stock is native to the area! We also ALWAYS have a varied inventory of other items, like barn doors (often with rails and rollers included), hardware, antique wood windows, a huge variety of miscellaneous barn finds like cupolas, hay conveyors, hay rail trolleys, antique pulleys, vintage solid wood panel doors (interior and exterior), and much, much more.  

The reclaimed barn wood we regularly have in stock includes dimensional lumber (rough cut/true and nominal), from 2x4s to 2x12s, beams and posts (stock is constantly revolving), hand-hewn foundation timbers, hand-hewn squared beams as mantel pieces, plus a variety of 1-by material, like gorgeous 1x4 doug fir tongue and groove, 1x12 siding, ship lap in varied face widths, dutch lap-style siding, and other misc. trim boards, plus small batches of unique appearance boards, "naily" boards (purlins), as well as some "budget" options like our rough cut, nominal 2x6s reclaimed from an Everson Sears kit barn. 

We also remanufacture our cutoffs and damaged boards into our exclusive, authentic barn wood wall cladding. We do this to not only save as much waste as possible from landfills, but also to create an incredible, easy-to-install product that anyone could DIY on an accent wall, ceilings, doors, headboards and more! We currently make our wall cladding to order, in either one or a mix of three widths, approx. 2", 3.5", and 4.5-5", in lengths ranging from 18" to 60", and we back-plane every board to a moderately consistent thickness (+/- 1/8") of 1/2". This thickness reduces occurrences of splitting or cupping during or after installation! Color and patina options are highly customizable, and we take pride in providing our clients with exactly what they desire. 

How do I order reclaimed wood from you, and can I come look at it before I buy? 

Of course! We want you to come and see our beautiful wood, as you're bound to get inspired!! We meet by appointment at our shop in N. Bellingham, which is currently on it's way to becoming an organized, covered reclaimed lumber yard! If it's the right timing, we may even invite you to visit a decon site, where you can experience the history and presence of the barn where your materials are sourced from! 

Once you decide on a material and determine the amount you'll need,  we have you give us a desired range of random lengths, and custom-pull, cut, and clean your order. We welcome most any special requests or considerations that you could ask for, and we also offer planing, sanding, and finishing services of all kinds.

It is our standard procedure to collect a 50% deposit to reserve and prepare your order to your specifications. This is payable via cash, check, Venmo, PayPal,  Chase Quickpay with Zelle, and Cashapp. We can also send very user-friendly invoices through Square, and can accept card payments in person through Square POS as well. Lead times will vary depending on the amount of material you order and what type. 

We uphold a very high standard of quality when cleaning and processing the barn wood, both of us in complete control of ensuring that you only receive boards that are undamaged, de-nailed, and gently pressure washed, and we also keep track of which barn each board comes from, so that we can tell you the all about the history of the barn (or barns) that your specific material(s) originated from, and are happy to provide a letter sized print with a photo of the barn and a short summary of it's history :). 

I love the reclaimed wood but it's a little too pricey for me. Do you ever make trades or special deals in exchange for materials? 

We love to trade, although for most larger orders we can only do partial trades. If you have something of value that we're interested in,  or a skill/talent that you can offer to help the business,  we will always consider it! We also (on a case by case basis) can be open to setting up a short-term payment plan,  because we want to make such sustainable and smart building materials totally accessible to anyone who would like it!

Why should I buy reclaimed wood from PNW Barnwood Supply? 

Above all, because of our commitment to selling only the best, antique old growth PMW wood! You'll experience our attention to detail and commitment to making only 100% satisfied clients. We are completely client-centric, and we love to get to know your project and help you get exactly what you need. We also love to help enable clients wanting to complete their first DIY project with reclaimed wood, through either consultation, coaching, or hands- on-training!

We have an unparalleled passion for saving local PNW barns and other structures, and we immerse ourselves in the history of every barn so we can know everything possible about the barn's story and lifetime! We love to pass along the amazing history and story of each board to our clients. 

Our regular clientele is an amazing mix of DIYer's, custom furniture builders, contractors (remodeling, new construction and more), cabinet makers, door makers, architectural designers, interior designers, property/home investors (flippers) and professional and amateur wood workers! Check out our 
Client Projects page to see some of the beautiful work they've created! We are so happy just to have been able to be a small part of every amazing result! 

 Do you kiln-dry your wood?

We do not. Every species of wood has its own unique ideal moisture content, and we believe strongly that good old-fashioned air drying is the best way for each piece of wood to be at it's best. Once processed our reclaimed lumber is stacked and stickered with care, and we keep the inventory moving and processing ALL the time! Insect infestation is not something we have run into any issues with yet, although we are always diligent in our inspections and have treated suspicious circumstances with borax-based treatments. 

Being reclaimed from barns mostly over a hundred years old, our reclaimed barn wood has already spent a century expanding and contracting with the climate and stood up to whatever weather has been thrown at it. Warping, gaps, checking, cupping, and shrinkage are all things you'll never have to worry about when using our wood. 


How do you come up with your pricing?

We spend a lot of time and thought on this. We want our products to be accessible to all, and on the other hand, deconstruction and the subsequent processing and cleaning of the materials is a VERY labor-intensive task, to say the least! We combine research of current reclaimed market prices (or the closest we can find!), then factor in the labor intensity of each item (certain boards may have many more nails, etc), and come up with the fairest price we can. We also are always willing to work with anyone's budget, we can be flexible, negotiable, etc. We just can't sell at a complete loss, which I'm sure goes without saying! 


What is the size of your crew/operation? 

Currently and for the foreseeable future, our business consists of just the two of us, Lauren and Micah, a married couple (5 years now, 10 years together) in our mid thirties! We work with a very close, tight network of other businesses locally if needed, and we work hard to keep clean, happy relationships with all. Our reputation and referrals by word-of-mouth are extremely important to us, and we truly try to give everyone the best of us that we can! 

We are an incredibly efficient and hard-working team, because we love what we do. We're not averted to bringing in the right people to boost our operations, we're just waiting for the right people to come. We're sure it will happen in time. We are grateful for the past two and a half years, plus the years before that when we discovered our love for the job, and all the mentors, barn owners, clients and more along the way who have helped shape the way we run our business. Oftentimes we wish we could magically be three or four places at once, and aren't always the best at accepting our own limitations, but luckily our relationships are often humans recognizing, accepting, and appreciating other humans, so we are happy campers :).