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NOTICE: we are currently taking a short hiatus from deconstruction projects, but are still happy to consult, source/provide materials, and answer your questions! We will update when we begin deconstruction projects again! 


Deconstruction Services

We offer deconstruction services for barns, outbuildings and other structures in mainly Whatcom and Skagit Counties in Washington State, specializing in the hand-deconstruction and hybrid deconstruction of early 1900s barns. We prefer pre-1940's structures, but will always consider dismantling any building slated for demo. We will also consider travel within the Western US if the situation is right... It never hurts to ask! Commercial & residential properties are great sources of reclaimed materials as well and we strive to divert as much from landfills as possible. 

Selective deconstruction is a great alternative if you have a tight schedule or are already locked into a demo contract. 

Historic Barn Restoration & Materials Sourcing

We are passionate about preserving the history of the Pacific Northwest's barns, and are knowledgeable in the building practices and materials used, as well as strategies and resources and costs pertaining to restoring historic barns. We keep all materials from each source separate, always knowing the history of each board or other material. We are listed as an official materials source for the Washington State Heritage Barn Society's grant program. We have completed restoration work on loft floors, to damaged structural beams in large and small barns, siding and roofing repair, and door and window replacement, to name a few. We have resources allowing us to find many historically accurate materials you may need for your restoration project, and are skilled at locating these materials. If you need materials or simply have questions about restoring a barn, please give us a call!

Consultation Services

If you have an old barn on your property in any state of disrepair, and simply don't know what to do with it or what your options are, please call us! We can offer assistance in making the decision between restoration, renovation, deconstruction, or demolition! We can clearly help you understand the innumerable benefits of deconstruction over demolition, monetary and otherwise. If you'd like to restore your old barn or preserve some sentimental memories, but can't find answers, we're the ones to call! We can survey the barn, and advise on the proper methods and probable costs of restoration projects. Same with deconstruction... even if the barn is fully collapsed! It's almost NEVER too late to save at least a part of the barn's history and and valuable materials. 

Custom Building and Design Services

We also create and design or help design custom-built items of all kinds: from barn doors to Countertops, from accent wall paneling to flooring, from old crate reproduction to barn wood signs for your business! With a broad skill set on our hands, and the creativity and vision to help, we can create a one-of-a-kind, sustainably hand-made item for you! Just contact us with your request, and we'll start the process! 


What it's like to Work with Us

We are extremely flexible and client-centric. We consider all of your needs and wants when we work on your project!

On a decon project, we don't just salvage the wood, but also any other reusable building supplies and other items that people would like hauled away. One of our primary driving factors in our business is landfill diversion, and keeping our footprint to an absolute minimum, while also keeping costs low for owners! We try to keep costs low enough to be a legitimate incentive to choose the most sustainable process that works for you! 

If you have any questions or would like to know more about what we do, don't hesitate to contact us today! We always try to reply as promptly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you! 


Phone (call or text): 360-223-8301

Here's just a little taste of some of our past work: 

Using a reach forklift to safely remove sections of a tall roof to the ground for dismantling, at a 1905 Ferndale barn deconstruction. 

This little beauty, a 1925 pumphouse from Eden Farms in Snohomish, now lives on a beautiful beachside property on Guemes Island! 
Micah moving flooring boards at a Ferndale decon site, during the cleaning and separating process.
Micah taking a break from pulling up the tongue and groove loft flooring of a huge 1925 red gambrel roof barn at Eden Farms in Snohomish, after the roofing had been cut off and lowered in sections.

Uncovering hand-hewn foundation sleeper logs underneath a dozen feet of loose hay and two layers of true 2x12 floor boards in a 1905 Ferndale barn deconstruction.

Restoration of an antique door (originally with 4-5 coats of differing white coats of paint), hand-lettering and glass etching design by Lauren, and installation of door over old, cheap mdf cabinets to create a pantry with a working crystal doorknob! 

A custom-built barn wood and mason jar bathroom vanity light fixture, one of many we've built for our clients over the years, made completely from re-used materials. 

A custom-built media console made out of reclaimed pallet wood and heavy-duty hardware accents. 

Micah finishing up an installation of a custom-built barn door for a client in Lynden. 

Micah looking at the beautiful loft of a Ferndale gambrel-roof barn, where we have replaced structural beams that were severely damaged, replaced damaged areas of the loft flooring, built an entire staircase to the loft, and where we continue to work on a long list of restoration tasks to bring it back to it's original beauty! 

A pair of custom-built 8'x9' cedar barn doors, where we had to install a custom-milled CVG doug fir beam (10x10), 22 feet in length, to support the double-bypass system we designed for our client, located on Chuckanut bay. 

1925 Reclaimed Horse Stall Doors, restoredTwo of Seventeen Stall doors salvaged from Eden Farms in Snohomish, which we restored and installed into a client's original farmhouse in Ferndale using painted, original box rail hardware. See the original stall numbers still on the doors!

Lauren standing atop a load of true 2x6, circular sawn joists, painstakingly de-nailed, cleaned completely, and ready to be on their way to be re-sawn by a wonderful local portable sawmill business (Timberline Portable Sawmilling, Everson), into full 3/4" thick wide plank flooring for a Birch Bay Cottage! Utilizing a very powerful metal detector and a Woodmizer LT45 hydraulic with a re-saw attachment, 1600 beautiful square feet of flooring was created in just under three hours! We had a wonderful time working with Anthony and Julie to create this incredible rustic flooring for a fantastic client (they even let us help!)! Someday soon we hope to add a sawmill and resaw to our own operation! 


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