Services we Offer

1925 Reclaimed Horse Stall Doors, restored       


We offer deconstruction services for barns, outbuildings and other structures in mainly Whatcom and Skagit Counties in Washington State. We prefer pre-1940's structures, but will consider others. We will also travel within Washington, Oregon and Idaho if the situation is right... It never hurts to ask!

We specialize in barns, but commercial & residential properties are possibilities too! We are extremely flexible and client-centric. We consider all of your needs and wants when we work on your project!

We don't just salvage the wood, but also any other reusable building supplies and other items that people would like hauled away. We are ALL about landfill diversion, and keeping our footprint to an absolute minimum, while also keeping costs low for owners! Contact us today to ask us about our process, or if you'd like to know more about the benefits of deconstruction! We can even consult with you on barn restoration, and source hard-to-find materials for you, or build you custom items including barn doors and much, much more! 


Phone (call or text): 360-223-8301